The Jean Monnet Chair organizes courses on European Union health law:

New course

In the 2014-2015 academic year, a new master level course will be offered by André den Exter (April-June 2015).

European Union Health Law

The EU became increasingly involved in the health field (promoting public health, data protection, pharmaceutical law, the qualifications of health professionals, patient mobility, and recently human rights in health care). Full analysis of the European health integration process will explain the importance of EU health law on health outcomes in a systematic manner.

The overall aim of this course is developing an indepth training course that promotes excellence in teaching in EU health law. It will equip students with new understanding of EU integration and health law relevant for their professional career and improve communication skills.

In addition, an existing elective focusses on the European Pharmaceutical market:

European Pharmaceutical Law

The pharmaceutical market is among the most regulated markets in society. Governments foster the development of safe, effective and affordable medicines. More and more, the regulatory instruments in European countries are based on EU market principles.

Understanding the origin and process of the pharmaceutical market, the course provides a comprehensive overview of the EU pharmaceutical legal framework and conveys an understanding of the history and development the pharmaceutical acquis with regard to clinical trials, market authorization, patenting, pharmacovigilance, direct-to-consumer advertising, competition, and other relevant issues.

To register for both courses, please contact the Institute’s teaching secretariat: osc@bmg.eur.nl