Acting on a globalized market, the EU has a main role in improving and protecting global health. EU’s competence to act in global health issues is based on several policy areas (trade law, public health law and external relations law), but an overarching conceptual and consistent approach of EU global health law is missing. This reveals various legal problems, tensions and a lack of clarity in global health issues, indicating a lack of understanding on EU global health law (GHL)

This project will fill that gap by providing a unique training course within the university’s curriculum on European integration and Global Health Law (GHL). Here, the focus will be on the external dimension of European integration and health: EU GHL. Given the EU’s increased role in global health, this course will deepen teaching on several EU policies, by examining the underlying values, methods, and impact of EU GHL (equitable & universal coverage of quality care, cooperation and health protection; EU response in all external policies)

This will be followed by an in-depth analysis of various topics reflecting the relevant EU’s legal framework including:

  • International relations & trade law and its impact on strengthening health systems (global trade & EU Bilateral trade agreements) and access to essential medicines
  • Migration and mobility (preventing a ‘brain drain of health professionals from low income countries)
  • Public health security (detection & reducing global health threats like Ebola, Zika)
  • Development aid (supporting development 3rd countries health systems to enhance universal access)
  • the EUWorld Health Organization relationship
  • Transnational corporations and human rights

A better understanding of the EU’s role in global health issues and GHL will prepare future professionals with a better insight of the globalised role of EU policies to improve global health, reduce health disparities and fighting global health threats

The course is scheduled for 96 hours on an annual basis. This time frame will enable to explore the topics as mentioned above extensively.