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Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM) is a leader in education and research in the field of health policy and management in the Netherlands and far beyond.

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In conversation with... Sanne Phaff

She completed both the pre-master’s and master’s programme Health Care Management (HCM), graduating in 2011.

The science of turning great health ideas into real-world impact

PhD-researcher Eden Zhu recently published a paper in the renowned Journal of Implementation Science.
Eden Zhu

The father as a full-fledged parent

A financial incentive to involve the father in this, and thus providing care and support to the entire (future) family, is missing.
Stel geeft elkaar een zoen, vrouw is zwanger.

For Prevention too: actions speak louder than words

Prevention, too, is not about words but deeds, stresses Bram Wouterse, associate professor at Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM).
Hand stops falling wooden blocks.

Out-of-pocket payments for nursing home residents

How the design of out-of-pocket payments for nursing home care can contribute, building on a study looking at a Dutch reform.
Conferentie Een nieuwe generatie ouderen, Langer Thuis

Pharmaceutical companies often continue to charge high prices for cancer drugs despite indication expansion

Price reductions are essential to reduce health care costs and ensure the affordability of care.

"Our actions must have meaning for society. That's what I find beautiful about Medical Delta."

How do you ensure that people with chronic conditions continue to participate in society? What can be done to keep healthcare professionals vital?

Does the neighbourhood match the needs of Surinamese elderly people?

Warsha Jagroep spoke to Surinamese elderly about their neighbourhood for her dissertation. How can the neighbourhood contribute to their well-being?
Three Surinamese elderly people sit in a circle on the street chatting to each other.

A new era of Global Health research and teaching at Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management

Matthias Rieger will join ESHPM as Theme Chair Global Health. He will develop the new “Global Health Theme” together with Igna Bonfrer, Director of RGHI.
Hoe bepaal je de waarde van e-health?

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