Erasmus School of Law

Alumni award the TalentFund and Leadership Annual Fund 56.000 euro in donations

Belcampagne 2018

'Space seperates bodies, not minds.' This quote from our namegiver Desiderius Erasmus certainly applies to the alumni of Erasmus School of Law. In four weeks, 'students from now' called 'students from then' and alumni could share their knowledge and experiences with the current generation of students. The students also informed the alumni about the latest developments within Erasmus School of Law. Half of the spoken alumni have pledged a donation to the Talentfund and Leadership Annual Fund. Together they have pledged the fantastic amount of 56.000 euro in donations. The annual Callcampaign is one of the many ways in which the warm involvement of alumni in their alma mater is apparent.

The Leadership Annual Fund and TalentFund have in common that they directly contribute to the growth and prosperity of the students of Erasmus School of Law. With the support of our alumni, scholarships can be realized for current students to study abroad, a non-EU student can follow a master's program at our beautiful faculty and Yihua Chen can continue his doctoral research on the external financing of international arbitration procedures. Because of the donations to the Leadership Annual Fund, the MyFuture program can be further developed and the program can make an even bigger difference for our students.

It is the valuable contribution of our alumni, causing Rotterdam to continue to do things differently. With the slogan Learn, earn, return, the faculty is building a Rotterdam-based Erasmus School of Law community. A community in which students, alumni and scientists frequently meet and speak to share knowledge and experience with each other.