Criminologist wins ‘sociological’ award with article about inclusion and exclusion of ‘Moroccan Dutch’

Abdessamad Bouabid

Every two years, the Dutch Sociological Society awards a prize for the best article published in one of the four Dutch scientific sociology journals. The 2023 award was gloriously won last week on Sociology Day by Abdessamad Bouabid, Associate Professor of Criminology at Erasmus School of Law, with his research article Social bulimia and ‘the Moroccan from here’: the influence of inclusion and exclusion on social identity and sense of home of ‘Moroccans’ in the Netherlands published in Tijdschrift Sociologie.

In his article, Bouabid highlights the tension between, on the one hand, how the Netherlands has tried to include Moroccan immigrants and their descendants in society over the past four decades and, on the other hand, the social exclusion and stigmatization that these ‘Moroccan Dutch’ have experienced since the 1990s. He reflects on how these social processes affect the social identity of Moroccan Dutch men and their sense of home in the Netherlands. 

Bouabid says it is an “enormous honour” to receive this ‘sociological’ prize as a criminologist. “The article shows that we as criminologists have much to offer sociology through our perspective on social phenomena and that sociologists can enrich us the other way around with their view on crime and social injustice. Hopefully, it will lead to even more connection between the two disciplines”, he says. In the report, the jury also stresses that the article is written in an accessible way, despite not avoiding complex concepts. According to Bouabid, this is something “we scientists need to do much better: write accessibly, so that our social impact is greater.” 

We congratulate Bouabid on winning this award! 

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Click here to read the entire article of Bouabid.  

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