Franziska Weber holds the prestigious rotating chair of the Journal of Private Law

Franziska Weber, Professor of Law and Economics at Erasmus School of Law, has been appointed as the holder of the rotating chair of the Journal of Private Law 2021-2022. During this period, she will conduct research and provide education at the Catholic University of Leuven.

Since 1998, the Journal of Private Law (TPR), which as an institute fulfils an essential role in the development of legal science, awards a yearly, and since 1999 two, Belgian-Dutch rotating chairs. Every two years, a Belgian Professor is enabled to provide lectures in the Netherlands in residence, and vice versa. In 2012, the South African rotating chair was added to the two pre-existing chairs. The rotating chair enables the Professor to stay in residence at the host university for a period of time and perform various activities, including an inaugural lecture for acceptance of the rotating chair. In this way, TPR promotes the exchange and interaction between the various legal systems and stimulates the development of private law practice.

Franziska Weber will conduct research and provide guest lectures at the Catholic University of Leuven in the academic year 2021-2022. To accept the rotating chair, she will deliver an inaugural speech on: "Private enforcement of European competition law – an overarching analysis of the incentive effect". She will also provide five lectures on comparative law and economic movements in various types of cartel damage. "A topic that has been gaining relevance in recent years and that shows how different jurisdictions interact with each other," according to Weber.

Furthermore, Weber will research the private enforcement of competition law. Research that fits seamlessly with her Habilitationsschrift, in which Weber, among other things, compared German, Dutch and Spanish competition law. "Civil liability for competition infringements offers a fascinating interaction between competition law, private law and civil procedural law, and of course economic insights," according to Weber. During the TPR rotating chair term, Weber aims to enrich her comparative law analysis with Belgian case law and doctrine insights.

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