Introduction Day First cohort IMARC students

IMARC, the International Master’s in Advanced Research in Criminology, kicked off with 15 international first cohort students who origin from 7 different countries in and outside Europe. IMARC is an interdisciplinary full-time programme that is designed to respond critically, scientifically and in a policy-oriented manner to the current demands in the field of border crossing, security and social justice.

The day was held on the Erasmus University campus in Rotterdam and hosted by the IMARC team, a joint collaboration of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Ghent University and the University of Kent.

It was an honour to welcome the new students to this two-year programme. The chair of the programme, René van Swaaningen, kicked off with addressing these urgent and complex issues from a European and global perspective. During the day, the student had the chance to meet the IMARC-staff and their fellow international students during some constructive sessions on thematic tracks, methodology and research. The fun factor played a role in the interactive session on getting to know each other where their interest and background came into view.  Practical issues and questions were addressed and the students had a chance to start their first discussion on their thematic track and research interest. At the end of the day, while enjoying some drinks and bites in the sun, the students and staff had the chance to get to know each other informally and exchange their experiences.

Overall, the day was a great success for all parties and we hope to be able to have started a new tradition! We wish all the students a fruitful and inspiring start of the programme.

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International Master’s in Advanced Research in Criminology (IMARC)

IMARC is an interdisciplinary programme that is developed to prepare students for current demands in the field of border-crossing, security and social justice. …

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