'Jonge Meesters' present conclusions at thesis book project

On Friday, June 21, 2019, twelve students of the Master's in Private Law and the Master's in Liability & Insurance presented their main conclusions of their thesis research to family, friends and employees of Erasmus School of Law. They do not write a regular thesis but participate in the annual thesis book project "Jonge Meesters", and each provided a chapter in a book that will be published later this year by Boom Juridisch.

In recent years, the 'Jonge Meesters'-series has published attractive private law thesis books, with themes such as 'New technologies, new private law' and 'People, Planet, Private law' (see https://www.bju.nl/juridisch/reeksen/young masters). This year's theme is "Scaling-up in Private Law". The background of this theme is the fact that private law no longer refers to one-to-one relationships or would merely protect individual interests, but developments are occurring can be seen as forms of scaling up. For example, increasing litigation on the public interest (eg. on the environment in the Urgenda case), massiveness occurs in occupational diseases and products are used on a larger scale by circular (legal) persons.

The festive thesis book afternoon was opened by Prof. T. Hartlief, professor of private law in Maastricht and Attorney General at the Supreme Court, who linked up with the theme of scaling up and in that context outlined a number of important future developments in private law. After that, the participants of the thesis book project presented their conclusions. Participants of this year "Jonge Meesters' were: Berkan Akdikan, Jan Blokland, Camille Ferdinandus, Ronny de Jong, Amila Kasumovic, Ellis Martens, Linde Mayer, Max Klein Meuleman, Bas Rijnbeek, Wendeline Ubing, Dianne Vos and Shirley van Zijl.

This year's thesis book is supervised by Dr M. Hebly, Prof. H.N. Schelhaas and Dr K.K.E.C.T. Swinnen.