Master students’ book 2021: Publiek privaatrecht

At the end of December 2021, the book Publiek privaatrecht in the Jonge Meesters series of Boom Juridische Uitgevers was published. This book consists of the thesis of ten master students at Erasmus School of Law.

This book is the result of the annual thesis project where ten students from the Master of Civil Law and the Master of Liability & Insurance of Erasmus School of Law wrote their master thesis on a central topic. Therefore, group meetings were held, in which discussions, coordination and presentations of (provisional) research results took place. The students also organised their symposium, during which they presented their most important research conclusions to friends, family, fellow students, and employees of Erasmus School of Law.

In the Jonge Meesters book 2021, called Publiek privaatrecht: Over Publieke Doelen en Belangen in Privaatrechtelijke Verhoudingen , the youngest generation of civil law experts from Rotterdam goes into depth on the role of public interests in private relations. Inspired by the main theme Recalibration of Public Interest in Private Relations from the Dutch sector plan of Law, the authors have specialised on subjects of civil law with a public touch. These are subjects in which the representation of public goals and stakes play an important role. The result is a wide variety of contributions to actual subjects within several subareas of civil law: liability and compensation law, civil procedural law, family law, insolvency law and international civil law.

This book is the fourteenth volume in the Jonge Meesters series that the Rotterdam department of Civil Law of the Era has published since 2007.

This volume was edited by three lecturers of the Civil Law Department of Erasmus School of Law: Liesbeth Enneking, Endowed Professor of Legal Aspects of International Corporate Social Responsibility, Marnix Hebly, Assistant Professor of Civil Law, and Koen Swinnen, Associate Professor of Civil Law.

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