Menelaos Markakis receives European Court of Auditors award for his book

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Menelaos Markakis, Assistant Professor of International and European Union Law at Erasmus School of Law, has won an award by the European Court of Auditors for his book on Accountability in the Economic and Monetary Union: Foundations, Policy and Governance (Oxford University Press).

The theme of the 2022 European Court of Auditors Awards for research on public sector auditing was “Accountability gaps in the European Union”. Markakis’ book, which is the product of his doctoral research at Oxford, examines the mechanisms for political and legal accountability in the Economic and Monetary Union and the Banking Union. More specifically, it examines the implications that the reforms of EU economic governance have had for the locus and strength of executive power in the Union, as well as the role of parliaments (and other political fora) and courts in holding the institutions acting in this area accountable for the exercise of their tasks. Other forms of accountability, such as budgetary and administrative accountability, are also examined where appropriate.

The selection committee, which was unanimous in its decision, noted that Markakis’ book “perfectly meets all the criteria for this year’s Award”. They also noted that: “The outstanding quality of the text, and the originality and relevance of the underlying research, fully justify our giving the ‘Publication Award’ to Markakis.” They highlighted that, in his book, Markakis conducted a well-structured and thorough review of policy-making and governance in the Economic and Monetary Union from the viewpoint of accountability. The jury valued the outstanding quality of the publication (a high-level book series with Oxford University Press), and that, from a substantive perspective, Markakis managed to disentangle the complex layers of Economic and Monetary Union, thereby pointing out gaps in accountability and putting forward original proposals for addressing them.

Markakis received a diploma and a medal at an award ceremony held at the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg on Thursday 23 March. The ceremony had two objectives: to celebrate the 2020 and 2022 award winners on their achievements, and to build on the winners’ research work, in order to analyse the implications of the current debate on EU added value and accountability for public auditors. Markakis and the other laureates also briefly spoke about their research. The video from the award ceremony may be watched below (Markakis’ speech begins at 1:02:19).

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The award ceremony took place on 23 March 2023 in the European Court of Auditors and was streamed on YouTube. Click here for the event page.


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