Online orientation days for prospective students at Erasmus School of Law

As second-year criminology student and ambassador of Erasmus School of Law, Kimberly Kruijsse (20) helps to organise our online orientation days now that traditional orientation days are not possible due to the corona crisis. As it turns out, video calls are a great alternative to learn more about the study you are considering and a good way to get to know both the Erasmus University and fellow prospective students. Kimberly explains more about online orientation days in the Algemeen Dagblad (AD), a Dutch newspaper.

Until September 1st, all events are banned by the government in order to combat the COVID-19 virus. In the meantime, Erasmus School of Law is making an effort to ensure that education, research and the study choice process continue as best as possible. These efforts include online lectures and digital thesis defences and PhDs, all made possible digitally.

Digital Orientation Days
The moment has come for prospective students to choose their studies in these uncertain times. To ensure that they have all the relevant information to make a deliberate choice, they have the opportunity to participate in an online orientation day at Erasmus School of Law. By means of video-calls, study ambassadors organise orientation days for groups of approximately 15 prospective students. 

Although not all elements of a traditional orientation day are possible through digital channels, the focus remains on what is possible. During an online orientation day, you can count on information about the study (such as subjects, admission, study load, etc.), a mini-lecture, a digital tour of the campus, an introduction to fellow prospective students and, of course, plenty of opportunities to ask questions. 

More information

Do you want to join an online orientation day? Check the schedule here.

Read the full interview with Kimberly in the AD here (in Dutch).

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