Port employees are indispensable for drug criminals

Help from the inside is indispensable for drug criminals in the Port of Rotterdam. Robby Roks, Associate Professor of Criminology at Erasmus School of Law, states in an article in the AD that future generations should be made aware of this problem, even if this scares off or frightens people to start working in the harbour. 

Recruiters often arrange help from port employees. Through these employees, they get a grip on the port, and sometimes these criminals even go as far as sending their kids to the Naval School to complete education for a port employee. Roks is also aware of this development: “an internship has to result in a strategic position for the family. That is next level, but it is also seen in the education programme for customs officers. Therefore, Police are trying to prepare students for the corrupt world in the harbour. 

Raising awareness for fast money

Police, Justice and the college for shipping and transport (STC), the institute in Rotterdam where the port employees of the future are being educated, have developed a joint course programme. This course is meant to warn the students about the risks of drug criminality and the fast money offered. Students learn in this programme how they can avoid getting involved with criminal recruiters.

Once someone enters the drug world, it is hard to leave. Therefore, it is essential not to share too much personal information on social media. Once you get tricked by a recruiter and try to quit doing illegal business, you might be threatened. If recruiters find out that a possible quitter has kids, they use that information against him. It is also advised not to wear work clothes when it is not necessary. All these things should be done not to enable the drug criminals. These awareness courses could also scare off some students, says Roks. However, raising awareness is vital in the prevention of drug crimes. 

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Read the entire article in the AD here (in Dutch).

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