Rotterdam team wins National Student Parliament 2022-2023

Winnaars Studentenparlement

On Friday, May 26, 2023, the final of the National Student Parliament 2022-2023 took place in the plenary hall of the House of Representatives. The team from Erasmus School of Law, consisting of Lotte Nieuwenhuizen, Shalini Mahabier, Stijn Voogt, Zinho Schelkers, Age Hardlooper, Friso Roos, Sherwyn Mahadew, and Ruben ten Thije, under the guidance of Nick Efthymiou, won the final and the Silver Thorbecke Medal of the Staatsrechtkring.

The Student Parliament takes place every two years at the initiative of the Staatsrechtkring in collaboration with the House of Representatives. The Student Parliament simulates the treatment of a bill in the House of Representatives. For this edition, a government consisting of three constitutional law professors submitted a bill aimed at adding a general additional limitation clause for fundamental rights to the Constitution. Teams from eight Dutch law faculties participated in the 2022-2023 edition. Each team was assigned a political color determined by lottery, and the Rotterdam team was assigned the role of the Socialist Party.

From written rounds to jury assessment

Throughout the competition, which started in October 2022, the teams had to demonstrate their mastery of the legal content of the bill as well as the political game. The treatment of the bill took place in a written round and an oral round. The written round began with the submission of the bill. Subsequently, the teams provided their written comments on the bill, and amendments could also be proposed.

The final oral treatment of the bill took place on Friday, 26 May, 2023, in the plenary hall of the House of Representatives. After the debate with the government, the voting on amendments, motions, and the bill took place. The winning faction was determined by an expert jury consisting of a constitutional law professor, a Member of Parliament, and a parliamentary journalist.

Praise for the Rotterdam team

After brief deliberation, the jury designated the Rotterdam team as the winner. The jury praised the Rotterdam team's contribution to the written round and was very impressed with the way the team played the political game on May 26, with a clever motion and very good speakers.

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