Webinar series on Public Goals and Private Choice: facilitating sustainability via consumers

Wednesday, 29 June, the webinar series on “Public Goals and Private Choice: facilitating sustainability via consumers”, organised under the Sector plan Rebalancing Public and Private Interests, came to an end.

The series, a collaborative effort between Erasmus School of Law and the Faculty of Law Groningen, aimed to discuss whether and how legal frameworks facilitate the private choice of individual consumers to achieve public goals related to sustainability. The webinar hosted discussion from the perspective of EU consumer law, competition law, the energy sector and the financial markets sector.

Despite the differences between these fields, they all face crucial challenges relating to the division of responsibilities between public and private powers for achieving sustainability goals. The webinar series sparked thought-provoking discussions on the role of individuals and the public sector to accomplish societal welfare in sustainability terms and on the adequateness of the role legal frameworks assign to consumers to attain such goals.

This webinar series was organised in four sessions and brought together experts from academia and the private and public sector.

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