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Stephanie Triefus is a PhD Candidate at the Erasmus School of Law. Her doctoral research concerns human rights and international investment law, and is part of the Erasmus Institute for Public Knowledge working group on Regulatory Depoliticization: Mega-Regional Economic Integration & Human Rights. Supervisors: Alessandra Arcuri and Jeroen Temperman.

Erasmus School of Law

PhD candidate | International and European Union Law (IEUR)
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • Stephanie Triefus (2022) - Human Rights and International Investment Law PhD Workshop
  • Stephanie Triefus (2022) - Business and Human Rights and Empirical Legal Research - Reflections on Field Work in Roșia Montană
  • SE (Stephanie) Triefus (2021) - ISDS and the UNGPs: Should businesses assess human rights impacts before initiating investor-state arbitration?
  • Stephanie Triefus (2021) - NNHRR Doctoral Research Forum
  • Stephanie Triefus (2021) - Participation and international investment law
  • Stephanie Triefus (2021) - Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research (External organisation)
  • Stephanie Triefus (2020) - Business and human rights treaty: A new era for public participation in international investment law?
  • Stephanie Triefus (2020) - Do foreign investors have a responsibility not to challenge COVID-19 measures via investor-state dispute settlement?
  • Stephanie Triefus (2020) - Human rights and international investment law

Globalization and Multidimensional Legal

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Stephanie Tiefus

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