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Practical information can be found here.

Registration and embedding

All PhD candidates within Erasmus School of Law are part of EGSL. Content-wise, they are embedded in the department. Every PhD candidate has either a hospitality agreement or an employment contract, regardless of whether they are an employed PhD candidate (an EGSL position or position based on other financial sources), a contract PhD candidate (with a scholarship or the candidate’s own funding) or an external PhD candidate. As a result, they receive an ERNA id (needed to access EUR systems like Hora Finita, Canvas etc.)


Information about onboarding, Hora Finita registration, training- and supervision plan, possibilities for teaching, financial matters and HR issues can be found on MyEUR.

When you start your PhD at Erasmus School of Law you will receive an ERNA-ID from the HR department by postal mail. In a separate letter you will receive the password that belongs to the ERNA-ID. The ERNA-ID gives you access to all the Universities online systems, including your new email account.

Once you receive your password, you need to change it into your own personal password. You can change your ERNA password and other details related to your ERNA account through the EUR identity manager (IDM)

If you log in and click on ‘password’, you can create a new password or generate one automatically (‘Automatically Generate’). To save your new password, click ‘Change Password’. Processing the change can take 15 minutes, after which it is recommended to update the password as soon as possible where necessary (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

At Erasmus School of Law we work with Multi Facto Authentication (MFA) for several applications. After you have entered your ERNA ID and password when logging in, you will be asked for an additional confirmation via the authenticator app on your smartphone. On this page you can read how to install the MFA on your mobile phone.

To enter the working spaces of the Sanders building (which is Erasmus School of Law’s main building) you need an employee card. This same card can also be used to enter the University’s parking garage. New employees can apply for an employee card via the form Request employee ID-card and license plate recognition.

You need to fill in your room- and telephone number in IDM first, otherwise the form won't work! Without an activated ERNA-account the form will not work either.  You will receive a message from the Parking Administration (on your new email address!) to pick up your employee card at the counter of the Van der Goot Building.

Once you receive the employee card it needs to be activated using the number on the back of the card. This can be arranged by Teamsupport (ESL’s secretariat):

All the printers on campus can be used by means of a printtag. This printtag is also needed for coffee and tea (for free). You can request a printtag by mail to teamsupport:

  • Once you receive a new tag, the tag needs to be activated. You can do this yourself on one of the campus printers. Follow the next steps to activate your print tag:
  • Go to a printer.
  • Hold your print tag near the reader, you will hear a beep once your tag has been scanned.
  • The message “your card is unknown” appears on the screen.
  • Log in with your ERNA username (without!!) and password.
  • Choose 'inloggen'.
  • Now you can log in with your print tag on every printer. However, it can take up to 24 hours before the tag also works at the coffee machines.

For a specific workplace on campus please contact your own department or EGSL via

Working from home is also possible. However, the school’s policy is to be present at the campus for at least 50% of your working time.


For employed PhD researchers, a laptop will be provided, contract PHD researchers can work on a desktop or their own laptop. Via remote desktop, all EUR applications are available.

If you do not work at a fixed workplace at the campus or via an @wEURk laptop, you can connect to your EUR work environment with Remote Desktop via MyApps. With MyApps you can access your files and applications always and everywhere. Via MyApps you can download the Remote Desktop link with which you can log in to MyApps.

On this page, you can read how to connect with MyApps. (see PDF attachment in mail)

For more practical information when you are new at Erasmus School of Law.


In general, as teaching tasks can be time-consuming and distract from the PhD research, our PhD researchers’ teaching tasks are limited to supervising a few master’s theses and providing some guest lectures.

However, gaining teaching experience can also be very useful. Therefore, PhD candidates who wish to teach more extensively can opt for the 5-year trajectory. More information can be found here.

PhD candidates with a hospitality agreement are not allowed to teach (by law).

PhD support

Pursuing a PhD is a fulfilling and exciting task. Yet, it can also be challenging at times. The EGSL confidential counsellor can be contacted to discuss any concern or issue (in relation to their PhD trajectory) that PhD researchers might be facing and support them on the way forward. Additionally, the EGSL confidential counsellor can contact other professionals (e.g., specific professional training, the EUR PhD psychologist or the Ombudsman). All meetings with the EGSL confidential counsellor are strictly confidential, and no action will be taken without the PhD researcher’s permission. See our contact page for contact details of our confidential counsellor. On the university website, more information can be found about Health & safety, including a workplace Health and Safety information map.

Financial issues

Budgets within ESL and general regulations (reimbursement) can be found on this page.


EGSL is a member of the international network ATLAS (Association of Transnational Law Schools), formed in 2006 with the mission of bringing together talented doctoral students in the field of law. On a yearly basis, ATLAS organizes a summer school for graduate students called ‘Atlas Agora’, aimed at thinking and rethinking the present-day international and transnational law issues.

Going abroad

There are several possibilities for PhD researchers to go abroad. The regulations and funding possibilities can be found on MyEUR.

HR information for employees

Employed PhD researchers can find more information about employment conditions, leave, salary, employment condition selection model, etc. on MyEUR.

Finalising the PhD thesis: Request defence

When your thesis is ready and approved informally by the supervisors, the graduation procedure starts. Click here to see what steps need to be taken.

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