Courses for international students

2019 - 2020

The exchange periods for international students are:
- September 2- December 21 (block 1A - block 2A);
- February 10- July 4 (block 3A - block 4B);
- September 2 - July 4 (block 1A - block 4B). 






Block 1A

The Early EnlightenmentSeptember 2 - October 5Bachelor 13,75
 Essential Contemporary
September 2 - October 5Bachelor 13,75

Block 1B

The Quest for Man 1October 9 - November 10Bachelor 13,75
 Thought ExperimentsOctober 9 - November 10Bachelor 13,75

Block 2A

The Quest for Man 2November 18 - December 21Bachelor 13,75

Block 2B

EcophilosophyJanuary 6 - February 8Bachelor 13,75

Block 3A

The High Enlightenment 1February 10 - March 14Bachelor 13,75

Block 3B

The High Enlightenment 2March 16 - April 18Bachelor 13,75



Block 4A

Social and Political PhilosophyApril 27 - May 23Bachelor 13,75

Block 4B

Moral PhilosophyJune 1 - July 4Bachelor 13,75

Block 1A

Philosophy of Science ISeptember 2 - October 8Bachelor 23,75
 Technology and Social Change September 2 - October 8Bachelor 23,75

Block 1B

Philosophy of Science II October 8- November 10 Bachelor 2 3,75
 Critique: The impact of Philosophy on Social Sciences, Humanities and Law October 8 - November 10 Bachelor 2 3,75

Block 2B

Philosophy of Science IIIJanuary 6 - February 8 Bachelor 23,75



Block 3B

Descartes and SpinozaMarch 16 - April 18Bachelor 23,75



Block 4B

AestheticsJune 1 - July 4Bachelor 23,75


If you would like to attend these courses as an exchange student from another faculty than philosophy, please send an email to the International Office of Erasmus School of Philosophy: Please provide sufficient information about your previous education and about your motivation.

Courses at other faculties / schools at Erasmus University

As an exchange student, it is also possible to follow courses at Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences and the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication of Erasmus University. During your exchange period, you have to take at least two courses in the philosophy department.

For the course descriptions of the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication are to be found here.
The registration form for these courses is at the bottom of that page.

For the course descriptions of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences can be found here. Please note that all faculties work with different yearly time schedules!