EIPE has its own library with a small collection of approximately 500 books on the philosophy and history of economics. It is intended to supplement the main university library's resources for students and staff at EIPE.

The library is presently run by PhD student Philippe Verreault-Julien. Books can be borrowed whenever they are there (mostly daily) or by arrangement.

For more information, please see:
- EIPE Library website
- the (searchable) catalogue
- the library rules

Contact: Philippe Verreault-Julien, e-mail:

About EIPE

EIPE is known throughout the world for its support of research that lies in the interstices of philosophy, economics, methodology, and ethics. It is a place to come to study, and a place to present one's work. Its online journal, EJPE, has in the course of only four years established itself as leading outlet for interdisciplinary research.  EIPE is a model center.
Bruce Caldwell
Research Professor of Economics and Director, Center for the History of Political Economy, Duke University