Erasmus Collection Fellowship


The Rotterdam Public Library hosts the world's largest Erasmus Collection which goes back to 1604. The Collection includes more than 3000 early-modern editions of Erasmus' works and handwritten letters, and a vast range of modern translations, editions, articles and books related to Erasmus and his reception from the 16th century to the present. This provides a unique opportunity for junior and senior researchers to engage with Erasmus Studies in the context of (neo-latin) philology, philosophy, typology, book history, Renaissance Studies, and related fields.

In close co-operation with the Rotterdam Public Library, ERRC facilitates international researchers to study the world's largest Erasmus Collection. We invite scholars from all over the world to apply for an Erasmus Collection Fellowship and engage in research related to the Collection. We encourage all interested academics, journalists and independent researchers to apply. The deadline for sending in the application form is 31 May 2024.

Various terms and conditions apply for applicants of the Erasmus Collection Fellowship:

General conditions

  • Fellows are expected to conduct their research at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), specifically at the Erasmus School of Philosophy (ESPhil), the Erasmus of Rotterdam Research Centre (ERRC), and the Rotterdam Public Library during the period of the Fellowship.
  • Fellows are expected to partake in the activities of the Erasmus of Rotterdam Research Centre during their stay.
  • Fellows are expected to make their research pertain to the furtherance of the study of Erasmus of Rotterdam (in the context of their respective field(s)).
  • Fellows are expected to engage with and utilize the Erasmus Collection of the Rotterdam Public Library in a relevant manner for their research.

Practical Conditions

  • Fellows are responsible for acquiring the correct visa and proper documentation to enable their stay in the Netherlands for the duration of the Fellowship.
  • A signed invitation to take up a Fellowship will be provided when the proposed dates of the Fellowship are accepted. Applicants should indicate their preferred dates on the application form.
  • It is the Fellow's responsibility to find accommodation and to fund all the costs of the visit with the support of granted funds.    
  • The Fellow will provide the Erasmus of Rotterdam Research Centre and the Rotterdam Public Library with a written research report on the completion of the Fellowship.
  • The Fellow will provide Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Rotterdam Public Library with a copy of any publication resulting from their Fellowship.

Applications must include:

- The filled out application form that is enclosed at the bottom of this page.
- A start and end date of the proposed research.
- A curriculum vitae and a list of relevant publications.
- A proposal for research to be carried out in the Erasmus Collection of the Rotterdam Public Library during the term of the Fellowship of a maximum of a 1000 words. The research proposal must specify how and in what way the research will make use of the Erasmus Collection of the Rotterdam Public library, how it will further the applicant’s academic goals and how it contributes to the study of Erasmus of Rotterdam.


Please send your applications to with your name and ‘Erasmus Collection Fellowship’ as the subject for your e-mail, and with all requested documents such as the application form enclosed in PDF-format. All applications will be reviewed by the Erasmus Collection Fellowship Assessment Committee. The committee is composed of prof. dr. Han van Ruler, prof. dr. Ronald van Raak, dr. John Tholen and a yearly rotating external academic member.

All questions regarding the Erasmus Collection and research possibilities may be conveyed to

The Rotterdam Public Library and Erasmus University Rotterdam offer a fellowship of up to two months with a maximum compensation of €1000,- EUR per month.

The information set out above has been compiled with the utmost care. However, no rights may be derived from the information as it has been formulated above and neither the Erasmus University, nor the Erasmus School of Philosophy, nor the Erasmus of Rotterdam Research Centre, nor the Rotterdam Public Library are liable concerning any information that has been presented in the terms and conditions as outlined here.

Application Form

Application form of the Erasmus Collection Fellowship

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