Desire + Capital vol. VI: History

Etienne Balibar, Anna Kornbluh, Frank Ruda, Jamila Mascat
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Thursday 7 Dec 2023, 11:00 - Friday 8 Dec 2023, 18:00
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We look back on the pile of rubble and let the wind blow in our faces. Our wings are spread but there is no going back! This heavy volume, we are joined by Etienne Balibar, Anna Kornbluh, Frank Ruda and Jamila Mascat.

If you want to listen to what you’re getting into, check our previous podcasts about the events, with the new one, episode 3 The fetishism of the commodity and its secret. Check it out by clicking on this link!


Etienne Balibar: “Marx’s Scenarios for the ‘End’ of Capitalism: A Critical Comparison”
Anna Kornbluh: “Immediacy, Or, The Style of Too Late Capitalism”
Frank Ruda: “On the Modes of Production and Absorption of Historical Time"
Jamila Mascat: “Redemption vs Reparation: Marx on History”

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This working group is part of the project “Articulations of Desire,” generously funded by the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship programme. As such, this working group benefits from the Commission’s gracious funding for infrastructural and event support.

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