Lydia Baan Hofman main speaker with 'Podcast Filosofie'

Lydia Baan Hofman MA

Lydia Baan Hofman, PhD Candidate with Erasmus Initiative Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity', was main speaker for Podcast Filosofie, about Donna Haraway.

"It matters what thoughts are thought by thoughts" In this way, American philosopher Donna Haraway expresses that, even in science, we cannot take a neutral position.

Why are the boundaries by which we demarcate the individual, both biologically and at the level of meaning, artificial? Why do we need to move away from the exceptional position of human beings and face the world in a response-able - responsive - way? What can we learn from the Cyborg Manifesto to playfully shape our identity?

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For the episode, see the Spotify page of Podcast Filosofie.

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