PhD students

PhD Students

  • Abrahamson MA, M.H.D. (Måns)

    PhD candidate EIPE "Eliciting Laundered Preferences in the Context of Health and Wellbeing"

  • Balen, S. van (Sophie)

    PhD candidate Out of Breath. Towards a politics of breathability

  • Barbosa Mendes, A. (Ana)

    PhD candidate “A decolonial perspective on Responsible Research and Innovation”

  • Calcar MA, Drs. M. van (Menno)

    PhD Candidate 4E cognition

  • Costella MA, A. (Annalisa)

    PhD candidate EIPE "How to deal with change: the challenge to decisions and freedom"

  • Dillingh MA, S. (Savriël)

    PhD candidate PhD candidate EIPE Project Inequality Against Freedom "Liberatory Firms: the Cost of Cooperation and Authority

  • Frey, G. MA (Gideon)

    PhD candidate

    Email address
  • Garcia-Caro MSc, D. (Daniela)

    PhD candidate Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Initiative "Sustainable Food System Transitions in the EU"

    Email address
  • Gobbo MA, E. (Elisabetta)

    PhD candidate EIPE Project Inequality against Freedom

    Email address
  • Groot MA, E.J.A. (Eveline)

    PhD candidate "Reason and the Passions in the Work of Madame De Staël, A Moderate Liberalist Female Perspective on Rationality, Sentimentality, and Morality"

  • Thijs Heijmeskamp MA
    Heijmeskamp MA, T. (Thijs)

    PhD candidate "Moral Agency and Habit: a situational and embodied approach to control, automaticity and consciousness"/Chair Programme Committee

  • Houterman, A.C.P. MA (Aldo)

    PhD candidate 'Philosophy of the body, movement and sport in the work of Michel Serres'

  • Jager MA, S. de (Sonia)

    PhD candidate "The Geist in the Machine: an empty room full of empty space"

    Email address
  • Janssens, N. (Nicolien)

    PhD Candidate EIPE 'Explicating the Norms of Collective Deliberation'

  • Jamie van der Klaauw MSc MA
    Klaauw MSc MA, J. van der (Jamie)

    PhD candidate "In the name of the people: government, democracy, and representation"

  • Koekoek MA, C.R. (Catherine)

    PhD candidate "(Re)building democratic practices in times of post-truth"

  • Korte, R. MA (Ruth)

    PhD candidate

    Email address
  • Krijger MSc MA, J. (Joris)

    PhD candidate "Moral AI-Gency"

    Email address
  • Kuipers, K.J. MA (Karel)

    PhD candidate

    Email address
  • Madera Gomez MA, S.E. (Sara)

    PhD candidate "Animals within the Cartesian tradition. Mechanicism and moral attitudes towards animals"

  • Mullins MRes, B. (Benjamin)

    PhD candidate "The Ethics of Enough: Essays on Individual Contributions and Collective Outcomes"

    Email address
  • Ozturkoglu MA, D. (Dogukan)

    PhD candidate "Decoding Descartes"

  • David van Putten MA
    Putten MA, D.C. van (David)

    PhD candidate "The Politics of Debt"

  • Raeymaecker MSc MA, J. De (Joost)

    PhD candidate

  • Rijken MSc MA, S.M. (Sam)

    PhD candidate "Scientific Thought Experiments"

    Email address
  • Steen, S. (Sanne)

    PhD candidate "Imagination and appropriation of Erasmus and his values"

    Email address
  • Tio MA, C. (Claire)
    PhD candidate 'Transformative Inquiry and Education'
  • Yu MA, E. (Erica)

    PhD candidate EIPE "Deliberation, social choice, and democracy: making collective decisions in a plural society"

    Email address

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