Research field

Prof. Gerrit AntonidesWageningen UniversityEconomic psychology, consumer behaviour, experiments
Prof. Roger BackhouseUniversity of BirminghamHistory and philosophy of economics Marcel BoumansUniversity of UtrechtHistory and philosophy of science
Prof. Eric van Damme                            Tilburg UniversityMarket design, competition policy and analysis, regulation of network industries
Prof. Paul DavidStanford University, OxfordHistory and philosophy of economics 
Prof. John DavisMarquette University, University of Amsterdam

History and philosophy of economics

Prof. Igor DouvenRijks universiteit GroningenPhilosophy of science, Epistemology,
Scientific realism, Confirmation theory, Theories of reference, Theories of rationality
Prof. Jean-Pierre DupuyParis-1, Stanford UniversitySocial and political philosophy
Prof. Sanjeev GoyalCambridge UniversityEconomic theory, political economy
Prof. John GroenewegenTU DelftEconomic organization,
Institutional economics
Prof. Daniel HausmanUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonPhilosophy of economics
Prof. George HendrikseErasmus UniversityCorporate governance, Economic organization theory, Marketing cooperatives, Methodology
Prof. Maarten JanssenErasmus University, University of ViennaMicroeconomics, Game theory, Internet economics, Information economics
Prof. Arjo KlamerErasmus UniversityRhetoric, Culture of science, Cultural economics
Prof. Barbara KrugErasmus UniversityTransaction costs economics, Institutional economics, Entrepreneurship, China
Prof. Theo KuipersRijksuniversiteit GroningenMethodology, Research programmes, Truth approximation, Design research
Prof. Deirdre McCloskeyUniversity of Illinois, Erasmus UniversityEconomic history, rhetoric of inquiry, economics and literature, feminist economics
Prof. Claude MénardParis-1Economics of organisations and institutions
Prof. Uskali MäkiErasmus University, University of HelsinkiPhilosophy and methodology of economics, Scientific realism and its rivals, Social epistemology, Social ontology
Prof. Mary MorganLondon School of EconomicsEconomics and statistics; philosophy and history of econometrics
Prof. Bart NooteboomUniversity of TilburgOrganisation and governance, Inter-organisational relations, Learning and innovation, Entrepreneurship
Prof. Philippe van ParijsLouvain-la-NeuveEconomic and social ethics
Prof. Philip PettitPrincetonMoral and political theory, background issues in the philosophy of mind and metaphysics
Prof. Julian ReissDurham UniversityPhilosophy of science, history and philosophy of economics, philosophy of medicine
Prof. Ingrid RobeynsUtrecht UniversityCapability approach, theories of justice, family justice, the assessment of economic systems from a multi-value perspective
Prof. Amartya SenHarvard UniversitySocial choice theory, economic theory, ethics and political philosophy, welfare economics, theory of measurement, decision theory, development economics, public health, and gender studies
Prof. Roland SpekléNyenrode Business UniversiteitTransaction cost economics, Economics of organizational control, Hierarchical governance
Prof. Robert SugdenUniversity of East-AngliaWelfare economics, social choice, choice under uncertainty, the foundations of decision and game theory, the methodology of economics, and the evolution of social conventions
Prof. Ruth Towse Cultural economics, economics of copyright
Prof. Raimo TuomelaAcademy of FinlandPhilosophy of the social  sciences, especially the general theory of social action
Prof. Viktor VanbergFreiburg University, Walter Eucken Institut 
Prof. Richard WhitleyManchester Business School, Erasmus University

Economic sociology, Logics of comparative analysis, Institutional frameworks and business systems

Prof. Oliver WilliamsonUniversity of California at BerkeleyMicroeconomics
Prof. Ulrich WittMax Planck InstitutConceptual basis of evolutionary approach applied in several fields of economics, focusing on historical transformations and endogenous changes
Prof. Stefano ZamagniBologna

Economics, European Union and Transatlantic Relations

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