Research Seminars

Format: Papers are emailed at least 1 week in advance. Presenters give a 20 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes for the discussant and then a plenary discussion. Seminars conclude with informal discussions over drinks.

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EIPE Research Seminars 2023-24

Seminars run from 15:00 to 17:00. 

Location: Campus Woudestein, Rotterdam.

4-10-23Theil C1-6Olivier Roy (Bayreuth)Frederik Van De Putte (EUR)Incoherent Preferences and Polarization in Deliberation
11-10-23Theil C1-6Giulia Napolitano (EUR)Julia Duetz (VU)Conspiracy Theories, Resistance to Evidence, and Propaganda: How Conspiracy Theories Advance Political Causes
6-11-23Theil C2-5Guido Imbens (Stanford)Lennart Ackermans (EUR), Christopher Clarke (EUR)Potential Outcome and Directed Acyclic Graph Approaches to Causality: Relevance for Empirical Practice in Economics
14-11-23Theil C1-6Marc Fleurbaey (Paris)Constanze Binder (EUR)Beyond Social Justice
6-12-23Theil C1-6Laura Garcia-Portela (EUR)Constanze Binder (EUR)Historical Contributions to Structural Injustice & Climate Leadership Duties
31-1-24Theil C2-6Yara Al Salman (Utrecht)Marina Uzunova (VU)Independence in the Commons: How Group Ownership Realises Basic Non-Domination
21-2-24Theil C2-6Matthew Robson (EUR)Måns Abrahamson (EUR)Estimating Public Preferences on Population Ethics
1-3-24Theil C2-1Dan Hausman (UW)Conrad Heilmann (EUR)The Inexact and Separate Science of Economics
13-3-24Theil C2-1Johanna Thoma (Bayreuth)Huub Brouwer (Tilburg)Some Mistakes are Irreducibly Diachronic
22-5-24Theil C2-1John Broome (Oxford)Dick Timmer (TU Dortmund)Population, Separability, and Discounting
5-6-24Theil C1-6Han van Wietmarschen (UCL)Katharina BauerMoral Equality and Social Hierarchy

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About EIPE

 It is critically important that work in political philosophy be informed by work in the empirical social sciences, including economics. At the same time, work in economics inevitably raises a number of important philosophical questions, including questions of ethics. There are few places where such interdisciplinary research takes place and fewer still which train students to draw out the connections between philosophy and economics. EIPE is a welcome outlier, a place where inter-disciplinary conversations and research thrives. It was a pleasure to present my work to such a stimulating group of scholars.
Debra Satz
Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society, Professor of Philosophy, Stanford University

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