From Criticism to Methodology

NWO project 360-20-300
Open Competition
Obtained by: prof.dr. F.A. Muller
Total grant: 617,000 euro's
Starting: 2012

Prior to the development of Logical-Positivism during the interbellum in Vienna and Berlin, and simultaneously with the birth of Analytic Philosophy before the First World War in Cambridge, like-minded developments in philosophy occurred in the Netherlands. Language became the main subject of philosophical attention, and analysis the main philosophical activity. Gerrit Mannoury (1867–1956) was the spear-head of the so-called Signific Circle, which flourished in the period 1930-1950.

From Criticism to Methodology sets out to study this period in the manner of the history of ideas, which prominently includes a discussion of the content of the Signific ideas and show their relevance for present concerns. While staying in exile in The Netherlands, logical-positivist Otto Neurath was in close contact with the Signific Circle and founded the journal Synthese, which is according to Google the most consulted and referred to journal in philosophy.

An abstract of the project can be found here.
An overview of colloquia related to this project (attendance only by invitation) can be found here.

Three subprojects:

  • Mireille Kirkels (EUR): Mannoury's Significs and the philosophy of language in the Netherlands. (4 years, PhD)
  • Gerard Alberts (UvA): Biography of D. van Dantzig: giving agency to Significs in the method of mathematical modelling. (4 years halftime, postdoc)
  • Paul van Ulsen (UvA): Evert Beth and Arend Heyting: their influence and ideas on philosophy, logic and related sciences. (3 years, postdoc)

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Prof.dr. F.A. Muller

Prof.dr. F.A. Muller (EUR)
Drs. M.P.A. Kirkels (EUR)
Dr. P. van Ulsen (UvA)
Dr. G. Alberts (UvA)

01/03/2012 tot 14/07/2016