Nico Heidari Tari

This captivating programme has completely changed the way I view the world.

Nico Heidari Tari

IBCoM & Philosophy

It only took a promotion email to convince me to join the programme. And now, it feels like I’ve received a brand-new set of eyes that can find order in the chaos called life. Occurrences and events that used to seem random, weird or just illogical, suddenly start to make sense. Patterns emerged, and with a new, rich assortment of concepts I can now describe them.

Imagine that you can go around and find hidden meaning in everyday activities that have remained concealed until now. Imagine that you will have the discursive tools necessary to take a firm position with regards to the puzzling enigmas that have vexed mankind for several millennia.

My main program IBCoM merely scratched the surface area of related philosophical inquiries and since I was struggling with precisely these questions, philosophy was a tremendous addition to my scientific understanding in general. If I haven’t convinced you yet, here are some random benefits of doing the double bachelor: you will make tons of new friends, your English will improve dramatically, it looks phenomenal on your cv, your interest in art will increase, your academic knowledge will double, you will find interest in even more scientific disciplines, et cetera. The list goes on and on!


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