Overview of Africa’s housing markets: leveraging the opportunity for affordable housing

Wednesday 17 Jan 2018, 13:30 - 14:30
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As African cities continue to grow, investors, financiers and developers are increasingly interested in the opportunity.  What does it look like? Where can it be found? What are the risks? And how can they be managed? 

The potential impact of investment in housing is obvious. Good housing makes for good economies and healthy families, and the need is significant.  Housing affordability continues to be the key challenge, on both the finance and construction side.  How do we bring the cost of housing closer to the affordability of the market?  The answers can be found along the entire housing value chain.

In October 2017, the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa launched the eighth edition of the Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook.  This year, the review covers 54 countries and five regions.  The lecture will present the findings of the 2017 Yearbook and consider what this means for the future of affordable housing in Africa. 

The 2017 Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook can be downloaded from the CAHF website: http://housingfinanceafrica.org/resources/yearbook/.

  • Kecia Rust
    Executive Director of CAHF (Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa)

    Kecia Rust received a Master’s in Management at the University of the Witwatersrand’s Graduate School of Public and Development Management in South Africa (1998) and a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in International Studies, from the University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill, USA.  She is a housing policy specialist and has provided strategic support to governments in the development of national, provincial and local housing policy for the past 22 years. Under her direction, CAHF was appointed as the Secretariat to the African Union for Housing Finance, an association of about 60 mortgage banks, building societies, housing corporations and other organisations involved in the mobilisation of funds for shelter and housing across Africa.  Kecia’s expertise in the housing sector is broad, more recently she has focused on the performance of housing finance markets throughout the African continent.

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