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Julian Schaap in Arminius

Erasmus University Rotterdam's academics talk about news and the latest scientific developments in interviews, mini-lectures and demonstrations in Studio Erasmus. Surprising, stimulating and always something new!

Recent news items from Studio Erasmus

This is how Rotterdam can get out of the healthcare crisis

In Studio Erasmus, Prof Martijn van der Steen (ESSB) talks about how Rotterdam has fallen into a healthcare crisis and how the city can get out of it.
Mohamed is a bicycle mechanic at Pluspunt in Rotterdam West Delfshaven

Relationship between gut bacteria and depressive feelings found

In Studio Erasmus, researchers Robert Kraaij and André Uitterlinden (Erasmus MC) talk about their large-scale study.
Friends eating lunch in diner

Bystanders, parents and physical support are important to combat online bullying among children

In the talk show Studio Erasmus, Chiara de Jong talks about her research in which she asks about the online world of children and teens.
Online bullying in the classroom

The abuse behind a cheap supermarket cucumber

Migrant workers often struggle in Dutch agriculture and horticulture. How can that be? Economist Karin Astrid Siegmann explains.
Campus garden Woudestein in the sun.

From hay fever to peanut allergy: this is the main predictor of an allergy

Erasmus MC paediatrician and allergologist Laura Sonneveld explains in Studio Erasmus what we are most allergic to and how to get rid of it.
Curious child stretching arm towards peanutbutter jar

A car-free city can also be very accessible

How do you get a healthy green city on the one hand and maintain car mobility on the other? Scientist Anna Bornioli explains it in Studio Erasmus.

New: podcasts and videos Studio Erasmus

In a new series of podcasts and interviews of Studio Erasmus, some of Rotterdam's leading researcher reflect on the impact of the coronacrisis.
Studio Erasmus video interviews

Recent clips from Studio Erasmus

Minicollege of Maria Carmen Punzi about menstrual health - Studio Erasmus

Woman talks to the audience

Muziek from Bonno Getz - Studio Erasmus

Bonno Getz plays the music at Studio Erasmus

Studio Erasmus - How to be (im)perfect?

Studio Erasmus - How to be (im)perfect?

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