Elective courses

Are you are interested in taking a course in another degree programme and do you want that course to appear on the list of marks of your own degree programme? As a rule, you can take an elective in another degree programme and at another university in the Netherlands without having to pay an additional tuition fee. If you would like to do this, take the following steps.

  1. Find out the requirements your own programme has in place for the inclusion of a free elective in your examination programme. These requirements could pertain to the academic level of the course or the number of credits. You can ask your study advisor for advice in this matter.

  2. Explore the options available at EUR or other universities. Your wishes and preferences come first. However, there are cases where there may be prerequisite requirements you have to meet, or that places are limited for elective students.

  3. Once you have made your selection, request permission from your own programme’s examination board. You need this permission to include this course in your examination programme.

  4. Register with the programme providing your elective. The registration process may differ from programme to programme. This applies for EUR programmes as well.

  5. Are you a student who is not enrolled at EUR, but you would like to take an elective here? You also need to enroll.

  6. Are you enrolled as an EUR student and do you want to take an elective offered by another EUR programme? In this case enrolment in your own programme is sufficient.

  7. If you are an EUR student intending to take an elective at another university, review the enrolment procedure at the other university on that university’s website. You will need to present a proof of tuition fee payment issued by EUR.