Erasmus Honours Academy

Connecting Erasmus' Finest

Erasmus University offers special honours programmes, designed for highly talented and motivated bachelor students. In these programmes, the very best students and lecturers of Erasmus University are brought together to enroll in a challenging and demanding academic setting.


Are you prepared and willing to do more than the regular curriculum demands of you? Do you want to reach higher summits during your time at Erasmus University? If so, the honours programmes at Erasmus are an excellent chance to further develop and nurture your talents. If your first-year grades are well above average, and you prove to be adequately motivated, you may qualify for one of the provided honours-tracks. The programmes are either disciplinary: special programmes for the very best students of your department, or interdisciplinary: one of the Erasmus Honours Programme-tracks, where the very best students of the different faculties of the Erasmus University investigate, discuss and tackle crucial contemporary scientific and societal questions from various scientific perspectives.

After successfully completing the honours-programme, students receive a Letter of Recommendation from the dean of their respective Faculty, or the Rector Magnificus of EUR.

Erasmus Honours Students at Talent Day 2019

Honours students during Talent Day

Honours Community

Talent Day 2018

Talent Day

During its annual Talent Day, Erasmus University honours its most successful scientists as well as its most talented students. All laureates have either received grants or subsidies for their scientific research or have been granted an Erasmus or Erasmus MC Fellowship in the last year. Also attending the ceremony will be students who successfully completed the prestigious Erasmus Honours Programme.

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