HeartBeat Festival 2018: Enjoy Summer Vibes

Start date

Thursday, 6 Sep 2018, 16:30

End date

Thursday, 6 Sep 2018, 22:00

Erasmus Plaza
Campus Woudestein
Students relaxing during the HeartBeat Festival

Enjoy summer vibes, during the sixth edition of the HeartBeat Festival! On 6 September, the campus will transform into a festival, with food trucks, lounge areas, bars and most importantly: good music.

Over the past years, the HeartBeat Festival has become the festive opening of the academic year of our university. For students and staff members, the Erasmus Plaza is transformed into a festival area. After five succesful editions, this year's theme is 'Enjoy Summer Vibes'! At 16.30 hours, the festival starts and you can find food trucks, lounge areas, bars and good music at the Plaza.


The line up is completed, but you have to wait a little longer for the big reveal. Keep an eye on the website, our Facebook page or Instagram to see which acts will be performing at the festival this year.

HeartBeat Festival 2018 line up

Besides dancing to good music, there are many other things to do. Visit the Feesttantes (Party Aunts) for a festival look, take your picture with Erasmus or in the Fancybooth and sing your heart out in the Karaoke Caravan. If you want to kick back, get on the Silent Swing and relax.

Food trucks 

When you say 'festival', you say 'good food', right? Have a look at the food trucks that you can visit at the HeartBeat Festival.


This year we celebrate the 21st lustrum of our university. ‘Science Meets City: Co-creating Knowledge’ is the theme of a festive program that starts at the opening of the academic year on 3 September 2018. It’s the kick-off of a series of exciting meetings between science and the city that lasts until summer 2019.


Tokens to buy drinks and food are on sale from Thursday 6 September at 10.00 am. The cash registers can be found in two places:
1.On the corner of the Sanders building and the Food court.
2. At the beginning of Erasmus Plaza, on the side of the Polak building.

Not yet known on the campus? View the map.

General information

  • Tokens are only available via pin. You cannot pay with cash.
  • During the festival no alcohol drinks are given to people under the age of 18. Are you 18 or older? Join us and don’t give alcoholic beverages to friends younger than 18.
  • The last act closes at 10 pm. You can leave campus until 10.30 pm.
    More information


    This year, we celebrate the 21st lustrum of Erasmus University Rotterdam, with the theme 'Science meets city'. During this year, there is an exciting programme with a lot of encounters between scientists and inhabitants and organisations of Rotterdam.


    Please note that pictures will be taken at the HeartBeat Festival. The pictures might be used for the websites and Facebook pages of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
    We will only published photos with multiple people on it, not photos of an individual.For further information you can read the university's
     privacy statement.