Value Flower Method – A Method for Strategic Impact Education

In this publication we share a conceptual and structural approach called “The Value Flower Impact Method,” which can be adopted and adapted by teachers and educational developers who want to incorporate (elements of) impact-driven education in their practice. It aims to inspire by providing both a practical and theoretical foundation to develop engaged and meaningful education. It consists of 7 steps that can be used as scaffolding for students while they engage with societal partners and research their specific contexts in a holistic way. It continues to support students in designing and evaluating an intervention that aims to make an impact. The seven steps are: 

  1. Identifying personal and team values and objectives
  2. Learning about the context: master classes set the scene
  3. Defining urgencies and ambitions
  4. Engaging stakeholders
  5. Developing alternative future scenarios
  6. Designing an intervention
  7. Evaluating impact

Els Leclercq, Emiel Rijshouwer, Almar Bok, Jiska Engelbert

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