Calling External Stakeholders for Sustainable Business Model Course

Are you seeking valuable insights into your business model and how to make it more  sustainable? Are you enthusiastic about collaborating with the next generation of talented business leaders and contributing to the development of sustainable business models? If so, we invite you to collaborate with us!  

Seeking for sustainability challenges in various sectors

We are currently seeking 5 companies interested in gaining fresh perspectives from students regarding their business models and sustainability practices across various sectors (food, mobility, health, fashion and technology).

Our master's students in the Sustainable Business Model elective course are ready to investigate questions from your organization that aim to enhance their sustainability efforts.

Students can explore key questions such as:

  • How can organizations enhance their existing business models to deliver products or services with greater sustainable value and impact?
  • How can a business model become more sustainable by evaluating the demands of its social, economic and environmental values and how best to achieve these demands?
  • How can an impact-driven sustainable business model be developed with sustainable value and impact at its core?

What will students do for your company?

We are looking for 5 organizations with a challenge of this nature. We will match your organization with 2 teams of 6 students. The team will then engage with your challenge. At the end of the course, they will present to you an initial diagnosis a company’s sustainable business model. The groups will also propose an impact-driven business model tailored to enhance your organization’s sustainable value.

Why should your company participate?

Your involvement will be a meaningful chance for the students and also a great opportunity for your company: 

  • To add value and enhanced innovation to your business development by fresh perspectives 
  • To meet and connect with top talented master students.
  • To bright the gap between the academic world and professional real -life environment.  

What we ask of you

As a client, your time investment is approximately 12 hours in total.

We kindly request you the following:

  • Present the challenges your organization faces in delivering sustainable values with your business model (February 2025);
  • Provide students with your expertise and knowledge;
  • Respond to emails and attend (online) meetings with your teams of students. 
  • Attend the final presentation in March 2025.

Practical information 

  • The course runs from February to March 2025;
  • The course is conducted in English;
  • The application deadline is Friday, September 13th 2024;  
  • You can apply through Moon Fung Fong (Knowledge broker at Erasmus University Rotterdam) via or +31 6 342 649 61.

We are eager to collaborate with you and provide students with the opportunity to work on your case. Join us in empowering the business leaders of tomorrow! 

Testimonials by our partners

“I am happy we participated in this course ‘cause it provided us with some real good insights and ideas with a relatively small time investment. Apart from that, it was fun! And interesting to meet other professionals in business and hear about their challenges and solutions.”

Geertje van Bavel
Head of Impact – Fabienne Chapot 

‘Collaborating with students of this elective was incredibly valuable. It is enriching for our organization to engage with young, emerging professionals who bring innovative, out-of-the-box proposals for making our business model more sustainable. These young people will soon shape the future and potentially influence the next fifty years!’

Sander Louwers

Manager Hospitality – 013 Poppodium Tilburg

Collaborating companies 2023-2024

Collaborating companies 2023-2024

Collaborating companies 2023-2024


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