Erasmus Hub! Rotterdam: the new pop-up active learning destination in the city


We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming opening of Erasmus Hub! Rotterdam, an unique and vibrant temporary pop-up active learning location in the heart of our city. Designed to foster an environment of impact-driven education, collaboration, and personal growth, Erasmus Hub! Rotterdam promises to be a haven for all those seeking enriching educational experiences with a focus on making a positive societal impact in the world.

This temporary educational venue that will open at the start of the academic year 2023/2024 represents an exciting initiative that combines the best aspects of our institution with the innovative spirit of a creative active learning space. The Erasmus Hub! Rotterdam will serve as a nexus, connecting students, educators, professionals, and enthusiasts from various fields and backgrounds, all united by a shared commitment to making a positive societal impact.

There was a need with the rise of impact driven education at Erasmus University Rotterdam for a temporary active learning space, facilitating knowledge transfer and creative collaboration. Erasmus Hub! Rotterdam will offer an environment conducive to impactful learning and innovation. The hub will be available for all faculties and (impact driven) courses that are in a need of an active learning space, in such providing an immersive active learning experience that empowers students to work on their impact capacity to become Erasmian changemakers. The space is 660m2, includes 4 project rooms and one big open flexible space. It will be located on the southern bank of Rotterdam on the former butter factory location, overlooking the river Maas and the famous “peanut butter jars”. The first educational activities are already planned to start this upcoming academic year.

“I am very excited that we will open a temporary active learning space in the city of Rotterdam where we can learn and experiment how to best utilize such spaces. True growth and transformation come not from passive observation, but from the power of active and impactful learning. The willingness to step out of our comfort zones, unlocks our fullest potential” – Daniël van Vliet, Director Erasmus Hub! Rotterdam

Furthermore, Erasmus Hub! Rotterdam will go beyond being a mere educational space. It will be a thriving community, fostering connections and collaborations among individuals who share a passion for impact-driven education. Although it will be a temporary establishment, its goal is to leave a lasting impact on the city's educational landscape. By instilling a sense of purpose, social responsibility, and a commitment to positive change, the Hub aspires to cultivate a generation of changemakers who will shape a better future for all.

As we eagerly await the opening of Erasmus Hub! Rotterdam, we invite students, teachers and professionals who are passionate about impact-driven education and active learning to join us on this transformative journey of discovery and growth. If you want more information or are interested to organize your course or activity at the Erasmus Hub! Rotterdam, please reach out through mail via

Stay tuned for further updates and details, as we look forward to welcoming you to Erasmus Hub! Rotterdam, where education becomes a catalyst for creating a better world.

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Impact at the Core is a central innovation program at Erasmus University Rotterdam that works on education within which students work together on solutions for societal problems. We do this by designing, strengthening and co-developing initiatives for so-called impact-driven education. By that, we mean education in which our positive contribution to society plays a central role.

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