Wishing trees for impact-driven education

What do you wish for 2024? Or, more specifically, what do you wish for Impact-driven education? We find ourselves at the start of a new year filled with fresh possibilities and opportunities, and Impact at the Core is determined to help make your wishes for impact-driven education at EUR come true. 

We are excited to share a special initiative that embodies our collective commitment to impact-driven education. At every faculty, Impact at the Core has set up a Wishing Tree - a symbolic space where each of us can hang our wishes, aspirations and ambitions for impact-driven education in 2024. This serves as a powerful visual representation of our dedication to making a positive impact through education.

The Wishing Tree is not just a decorative element. It’s a living testament to our shared goals and dreams for the future. Whether it’s a pledge to enhance your teaching methods, foster greater inclusivity, or implement innovative educational programs, your wishes will contribute to the vibrant tapestry of our shared vision for impact-driven education.

So, write down your wishes for impact-driven education in 2024, and who knows, maybe with the help of the Impact at the Core team, you can make your wishes come true. You find more information about where to find the wishing tree at your faculty in your inbox. 

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