Design toolkit

Design thinking

Design thinking refers to the way designers arrive at solutions that make our world a little better, more beautiful and more meaningful. An increasing number of non-designers are applying it as well, as it offers a wide array of useful methods and techniques for finding solutions to complex problems. This toolkit collects such methods and techniques, divided into seven categories:

  • Researching: obtaining new data and insights into the issue.
  • Structuring: structuring data, insights and ideas.
  • Defining: defining an orientation or a perspective on the issue.
  • Creating: generating ideas for solutions to the issue.
  • Selecting: selecting (ideas for) solutions to the issue.
  • Assessing: receiving feedback on an idea or a solution.
  • Realising: considering and clarifying the continued development and implementation of a solution. 

These tools can be used separately, for instance to do research or to brainstorm, as well as in combination with each other, for instance to set up your own design process. This is entirely up to you. Make the most of them! Try the tools, adapt them and use them as you think is best.



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