Are you up for the challenge?

EFR looks back on an exciting month. First of all, the EFR/EenVandaag Verkiezingsdebat where Rutte and Wilders debated on national television was a huge success with press coming from all over the world to witness the event. Second, the EFR Business Week has finished, and we are extremely proud of the EFR Business Week committee for organising a truly inspiring event!

As we entered the 4th block, the temperatures are rising, summer is coming, and you will most likely be thinking about what’s next. Are you interested in or just curious about the full time opportunities at the EFR?

The decision to apply for a full time year is complicated, therefore we recommend you to get as much information as possible. Board members are always available for a one on one coffee to answer your questions about a specific position or about being a board member in general. Please feel free to come by our office at HB-108 or get in touch with Emma Clemens via / 010 408 11 47. 

EFR – Meet Your Ambition!

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