Study in Rotterdam

Our city has a lot to offer
students cycling in rotterdam

Discover Rotterdam, the Netherlands' second biggest city

Our city has a lot to offer and there is always something to do. Don't know where to start? Check out 10 things you need to know about Rotterdam.

10 things to know about Rotterdam

Image - Rotterdam bridge
A city for city-lovers

Think modern and urban, not windmills and canals.

Discover the city virtually
Not too big, not too small

700,000 people; that makes us the biggest city in the Netherlands next to Amsterdam

Easy to get around
Verschillende mensen op uitnodiging Dies Natalis 2018
International and multi-cultural

Rotterdam is a metropolitan city, a true melting pot with approximately 175 nationalities.

Exotic shops and take-aways can be found everywhere
We’re easy to find – and easy to use as a homebase

You can get to London, Paris, Brussels, or Dusseldorf in less than three hours

Europe within reach
International Day
You’ll have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t speak English

English is an unofficial second language in the Netherlands, and Rotterdam is no exception.

Fietsers in Rotterdam by Erik Fecken
It’s easy to get around by bike, tram, metro, bus, and water taxi

A silver lining of Rotterdam’s history is that the city was redeveloped carefully

Getting around
Sports and culture

Rotterdam is home to three professional voetbal teams and the largest pop-up art scene after Berlin.

This is why the streets of Rotterdam are much safer now

Students feel safe on campus and around the city

About safety
Wereldmuseum Rotterdam 1- VJE 2018
Rotterdam’s history

Get a taste of Rotterdam in the video below

Four people discussing plans standing around a table

Rotterdam. Make It Happen.

What's happening in Rotterdam?

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