Asking questions during written examinations

What types of questions are you allowed to ask during written examinations? And which not? Read on for a short guide on the questions that you can and cannot ask.

During the exam, it is important that it is as quiet as possible in the room. Fellow students who constantly ask questions to the lecturer can be quite annoying. Especially if they are asking questions that the lecturer is not allowed to answer anyway.

So, what are you allowed to ask? Basically, you should only ask a question if you suspect that there is a mistake in the questions/assignments. This means that you cannot ask the lecturer what a certain word means, what (s)he means with a question, whether all information in the question is equally important, how you should phrase your answer, etc. The lecturer will never provide you with information that will give you an advantage over other students, so don’t ask for this information. 

Good luck with your re-sits! (if you have any)

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