While the current board is almost done finishing their final projects, the new board is busy making plans for the upcoming year. Also, the preparations for the Eurekaweek and the introduction camps are well on their way.

Research Project
The students that are taking part in the FAECTOR Research Project (FRP) are almost leaving for their trip. They worked very hard during their internship during the first block of the past academic year and are now ready to enjoy their reward. The group will leave for South America on 2 August. They will visit all kinds of companies and experience both cultural and educational aspects in Brazil and Argentina during their trip.

Introduction camps
Meanwhile, the Eerstejaars Commissie and the Freshmen Committee are busy with the final preparations for the two introduction camps PINKWIN and PENGUIN; the best way to start your student life as an upcoming econometrician in Rotterdam. PINKWIN, the introduction camp for the prospective students of the Dutch Bachelor, will take place from 14 till 16 August. For the prospective students of the BSc2 programme and the International Bachelor, PENGUIN is being held from 1 till 3 September.

Best Econometric Thesis Award (βETA)
Also, the registrations for the Best Econometric Thesis Award (βETA) are open till the 1 September. If you’ve finished your thesis in the period of August 2016 up until and including August 2017, make sure to sign up for this event, organised by FAECTOR, in cooperation with Veneficus.. The βETA will be combined with an information session about the Master thesis. This way, Master students can gain insights into what they can expect when writing their Master thesis. Do you want to inspire Master students and do you think your Master thesis is fit to win the first prize of €1000? Apply here!

Make sure to visit FAECTOR’s stand during the Eurekaweek! We’ll be there to tell you everything about the Econometrics programme and our faculty association. You can also have a swing at our high striker or have a taste of our green cotton candy.

Stay connected
If your time as a student is coming to an end and you are looking for a new challenge, or if you would like to develop your skills in a more practical way, go to our vacancy website www.econometrie.com. To make sure that you stay in contact with your study friends, have a look at our alumni association RECNET. If you have any questions or remarks, please send an e-mail to info@faector.nl.

Lastly, we want to wish you lots of fun during the remainder of your well-deserved summer break and we are looking forward to the upcoming year!

For more information about FAECTOR, go to our website www.faector.nl or Facebook page.

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