Registration Bachelor Graduation Day

Congratulations to all bachelor students who completed their bachelor this year. From now on you can officially name yourself ‘Bachelor of Science’. Obtaining your Bachelor cannot go unnoticed. Therefore, the organisation of the Bachelor Graduation Day is up and running already.

The Bachelor Graduation Day is a festive ceremony to celebrate having finished your Bachelor. During this ceremony you and your fellow graduates, traditionally dressed in ‘cap and gown’, will receive the bachelor’s diploma. Besides a reception, the programme includes some interesting speakers who currently working at the university or partake in the business world.

The Bachelor Graduation Day will take place on Saturday 11 November 2017. Note that because of the number of graduates you can only bring 2 guests.

Applying for your Bachelor degree and registration for the Bachelor Graduation Day is possible until 31 August 2017. Please note that registration is only possible after completing all your bachelor courses. Furthermore, you have to be enrolled as a bachelor student to be able to request your bachelor diploma.