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Join the March for Science on April 22 at Museumplein, Amsterdam!

The March for Science aims to protect the scientific community against the control of governmental politics, and promotes evidence-based policies.

Science is an inclusive community that values empirical research and that refrains from alternative facts.

We invite scientists, concerned citizens, and all science lovers to march with us on April 22, 2017, to get out of the labs, offices, and living rooms, and let ourselves be heard. Science is a fundamental tool for seeking evidence-based answers; it serves no special interests, nor should it be rejected based on opinions. The cornerstone of science is the elevation of rational inquiry and the rejection of superstition and prejudice. Good science leads to good education for generations to come.

The time is now. Advocates of scientific research and evidence-based policies need to organize and influence the conversation. They need to engage with the public and policy makers. Science is not partisan. Science is not progressive nor conservative. For science to remain free from political influence, science supporters need to engage with society – now.

A global movement is developing. Nearly 400 cities worldwide are organizing a March for Science on April 22nd to demonstrate support of the use of evidence based research to make informed decisions for society. The Netherlands will join the movement, stand and be heard. We are science advocates, students, and concerned citizens, united by respect for the scientific method and a limitless curiosity.

The March for Science in Amsterdam will be a peaceful demonstration. The manifestation will showcase the benefit science has on society through interactive demonstrations, keynote speeches, and a Milestone March that leads us past displays of some of the major achievements that science has brought us.

The March for Science defends science and scientific principles, and it marks the beginning of our movement.

All universities, the VSNU, and the LSVb invite students, teachers, and scientists to join the March for Science.

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March for Science - Netherlands
22 April 2017
12:00u - 16:00u
Museumplein Amsterdam
Science - not silence!

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