Research economic impact low water

Erasmus UPT carried out a research on the economic impact of low water in 2018. Assigned by CBRB and BLN-Schuttevaer, Erasmus UPT analysed the consequences of the low water for the broader economy in the Netherlands and Germany. Results of the research show that the economic impact of the low water was large; the impact in Germany was bigger than the impact in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands the negative financial impact was about 300 million euros, while the impact in Germany was about 2,4 billion euros. On the one hand did the inland shipping sector partially benefit from the low water, but on the other hand did shippers face additional costs for having to stop production or adjustments within the transportation process. Would you like to know more, find the complete report attached to this article or contact Martijn Streng. 

Erasmus UPT - Economische impact laagwater