Erasmus UPT

We help you make better decisions

We are Erasmus UPT. We are an independent center of expertise founded by Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

Our mission
It is our mission to help actual and future leaders develop a deeper understanding of the economic, managerial and social evolutions in the domains of: city, port and airport, transport and mobility. We aim to provide a solid knowledge and fact base to help their decision making on critical issues.

Thought leaders
Our experts develop thought leadership by connecting high quality academic research with profound knowledge of the business. The research of Erasmus UPT is used for strategic decision making and economic evaluations.

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  • Q-park: We Develop Quality

    The Q-Park Student Award is an award organised annually by Erasmus University Rotterdam and Q-Park. The Q-Park Student Award is a competition for the best theses, research projects or assignments submitted by college or university students in the Netherlands and Flanders about parking in the broadest sense of the word.
  • POTEnT newsletter and press release

    POTEnT newsletter and press release
  • How the Rotterdam tourism sector is suffering relatively more due to the pandemic

    The Dutch tourism sector seems to be doing very well in the light of the current situation. However, there are major differences between regions and not every tourism branch performs as well.