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Hannah Mosmans
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Hannah is a junior researcher in port economics at Erasmus UPT. She primarily focuses on and has an interest in hinterland connectivity and optimization of trade networks of seaports. Currently, Hannah is collaborating with Maurice Jansen on PLANET, a European project aimed at promoting smart, green, and integrated transport and logistics by efficiently linking infrastructure (TEN-T, rail freight corridors) with geopolitical developments. Hannah is also currently engaged in projects that examine the environmental impact of scale enlargement in the container industry and is part of the MAGPIE project. She served as a teaching assistant for the Masters Seminar 'Ports and Global Logistics' and the Minor 'Port Management and Maritime Logistics'.


Hannah has successfully completed a double degree, the Mr.Drs. program, earning both a bachelor's and master's degree in Economics as well as in Law. She graduated from the Master's program in Urban, Port and Transport Economics in February 2022, where her thesis focused on the impact of the port merger between Antwerp and Zeebrugge on hinterland connectivity. In June 2023, she also completed the master's program in Maritime and Transport Law, with her thesis exploring the relationship between the "polluter pays principle" and the limitation of liability mechanism for shipowners in cases of oil pollution. As such, she possesses both economic and legal knowledge in the field of ports and transportation.

Research interest

  • Maritime and port economics
  • Hinterland transport
  • Shipping networks and connectivity
  • Sustainability and maritime decarbonization
  • Alternative fuels
  • Well-being of seafarers

Methodological expertise

  • Quantitative modelling
  • Scenario planning
  • GIS Analysis
  • Legal analysis

A selection of recent projects by Hannah Mosmans.

Description: Erasmus UPT is a part of the MAGPIE project that has been awarded nearly € 25 million in EU funding.  This project, led by the Port of Rotterdam, will improve the sustainability of ports in the European Union. In total 45 organisations are collaborating in an international alliance working on a Horizon2020 project under the Green Deal CallOpens external to boost the green and digital transition.

Duration: 2021 -2026

Client: European Union

Description: Our recent research study on seafarers’s facilities in Dutch ports provides insights into the paradox of seafarers’ wellbeing, efficiency, accessibility and security. From our study we conclude that seamen’s centers cannot sustain themselves as private enterprises. Most of the operational work is in the hands of volunteers and financial resources change from year to year. The researchers conclude that visiting seafarers are not clients, but consider a seafarers’ centre “a home away from home’’. This is not something the market can provide. The same goes for providing access and mobility for shore leave. The emphasis on highly efficient and secure supply chains have made seafarers dependent on transport arrangements provided by volunteers, but with permission of (public) authorities, terminals and ship agents. This can only be solved with more intensive collaboration and better alignment of policy, finance and execution.

Duration: 2022-2023

Client: Nederlandse Zeevarendecentrale

Description: This project aims to promote the European Commission's strategy for smart, green, and integrated transport and logistics by efficiently connecting infrastructure (TEN-T, rail freight corridors) with geopolitical developments (e.g. future new silk road and emerging trade routes), and by enabling the use of current and emerging modes of transportation and technological solutions, ensuring equitable inclusivity of all participants, increasing the prosperity of nations, preserving the environment, and enhancing citizens' quality of life. The realization of this vision is what PLANET refers to as the Integrated Green EU-Global T&L Network (EGTN).

Duration: 2020-2023.

Description: In 2021, Hannah, along with Maurice Jansen, Larissa van der Lugt, and other researchers from TU Delft, organized the conference for the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) in Rotterdam. For nearly a year, she focused on all organizational aspects of hosting an international conference during the pandemic.

Duration: 2021

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