Giuliano Mingardo PhD

Senior researcher Urban and Transport Economics

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+31(0)10 408 2427
Woudestein, T-Building, Room T19-29
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Giuliano Mingardo PhD is senior researcher at the Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics (Erasmus UPT). He is specialised in parking policy and mobility management. Giuliano regularly advises (local) governments and companies on these issues.

Complexity of parking and mobility

Giuliano now focuses his research on the relation between parking, mobility and retail in urban areas. He also specialises on the interaction between parking, mobility and land use and area development.

Some insights about Giuliano’s research:

Teaching activities

Giuliano teaches and supervises students at both undergraduate (Bachelor and Master) and postgraduate level. He holds the following courses at Erasmus University Rotterdam:

  • Introduction to Transport Economics – Bachelor in Economics and Business
  • Seminar Regional and Transport Economics – MSc Urban Port and Transport Economics
  • Behavioural Transport Economics - MSc Urban Port and Transport Economics

In addition, he regularly gives (guest) lectures in other courses both for academic and professional audiences. 

Academic career

Giuliano has gained academic qualifications from Ca' Foscari University of Venice (MSc. in Economics), Erasmus University Rotterdam (Master’s degree in Urban Management) and Delft University of Technology (PhD in parking policy). 

Do you want to know more about Giuliano’s research? Contact him at:


Research projects

  • U-Mob (2016-ongoing): 

    Project aimed at the creation on a university network to facilitate the exchange and transfer of knowledge about sustainable mobility best practices among European universities.
  • RESOLVE (2016-ongoing): 

    Strategic research and implementation project aimed at reducing carbon emissions related to retail activities in cities.
  • Economic flows in the DelTri region (2015):

    Cartographic data analysis using GIS, to map and analyze commuting and logistics flows in the DelTri region, in the South-West of the Netherlands. Commissioned by the DelTri regional cooperation organization.
  • Marketing plan parking garages (2015):

    Cartographic data analysis using GIS, studying the performance of parking garages in the City of Rotterdam. In collaboration with Spark, and commissioned by the City of Rotterdam.
  • De Nieuwe Kuip (2014-2015):

    Project to develop the mobility plan for the new stadium of Feyenoord in Rotterdam. The mobility plan is one of three major plans that are currently developed as part of the planning phase of the new stadium. RHV's tasks include, but are not limited to the design and carrying out of a survey amongst Feyenoord fans to gain insight into current travel patterns and RHV provides in- and output to the mobility plan, based upon its extensive experience within mobility management and transport economics.
  • Push & Pull (2014-ongoing):

    EU-funded project involving 15 partners from 12 European countries aiming to improve urban mobility in European cities by means of parking space management combined with mobility management measures.
  • EVIDENCE (2014-ongoing):

    EU-funded project with the objective to collect and disseminate proven economic benefits of sustainable transport initiatives. The main aim is to change the policy debate on investment in transport (infrastructure). By stressing the economic value of sustainable transport, especially when compared to more traditional transport approaches, it makes it difficult for decision makers not to take note.
  • The behavioural aspect of parking (2014):

    This project is carried out in cooperation with the city of Zwolle, Q-Park and Tabula Rasa. The main research question is to understand when a car driver decides where to park: before his trip to the city, during the trip or just at the end when he is close to his final destination?
  • Mobility Management 2.0 (2013-2014):
    This research, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Transport (I&M). aims to understand the motivations of the management of large companies to engage (or not engage) in mobility management measures for their employees.

  • INVOLVE (2012-2014):

    EU-funded project with the objective to improve cooperation between the public and the private sector on the implementation of mobility management. The project comprises 11 Regional Partners from 11 different EU regions.
  • Residential Parking in The Hague (2012):

    the aim of the project, financed by the city of The Hague, is to analyze the use of the visitor parking permit by the citizens of the city. More than 3,000,000 parking actions made in the period 2011-12 are analyzed in order to understand how the citizens use their parking permit for their visitors.
  • Transport and Retail (2011-2012):

    In cooperation with consultants SOAB Adviseurs Leefomgeving and Stienstra Adviesbureau stedelijk verkeer. This project looks at the relationship between accessibility, in particular parking, and retail attractiveness of urban areas.
  • PIMMS CAPITAL (2011-12):

    EU-funded project whose aim is to stimulate modal shift towards more sustainable forms of transport by increasing the implementation of high quality mobility management techniques and policies in European regions.
  • PIMMS TRANSFER (2008-2011):

    Partner Initiatives for the development of Mobility Management Services & TRansferring Actions iN Sustainable mobility For European Regions – EU funded project INTERREG IVC.
  • The perception of the urban parking problem (2009 in progress):

    This project is cooperation between the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and the European Parking Association (EPA). The aim of the project is to understand how different stakeholders involved in the parking sector perceive the urban parking problem.
  • The importance of parking for the retail sector in Rotterdam (2008-2009):

    This research is financed by the city of Rotterdam and presents the findings of a customers’ survey (N = 363) conducted in one of the most important shopping street of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). A number of interesting information are presented that might help the local authority to select the best parking policy for the area.


Reviewed journal articles:

Book review in reviewed journal articles:

  • Mingardo, G. (2008) Essay on Transport Economics (edited by P. Coto-Millan and V. Inglada), Journal of Regional Science, Vol. 48, Issue 5, December 2008.

Congress papers:

  • Mingardo G. (2011) The perception of parking, 15th EPA Congress “Parking: the New Deal”, Turin, September 2011.
  • Mingardo, G. (2008) Cooperation between public and private sector to enhance urban accessibility: the case of London, Goteborg and Rotterdam, Conference Proceedings of the Annual Polis Conference “Public meets private. Towards a common agenda for mobility in cities and regions”, Barcelona, November 2008.
  • Mingardo G. and van Haaren J (2007) Understanding the relation among transport, environment and economy: a survey of European cities, in Transport, Mobility and Regional Development, in Conference Proceedings of the Regional Studies Association Winter Conference November 2007, Seaford, UK.
  • Mingardo, G. (2006) ‘Park and Ride Facilities and Decoupling in the Netherlands’, paper presented at the European Conference on Mobility Management (ECOMM 2006), Groningen, May 2006.


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  • Mingardo, G. (2009) Gebruikersonderzoek regionale P+R in het Stadsgewest Haaglanden, EURICUR report 2009-2, Rotterdam.
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  • Mingardo, G., van den Berg, L. and van Haaren, J. (2008) Transport, Environment and Economy at urban level: the need for decoupling – A comparative study of four European cities: Rotterdam, London, Goteborg and Hamburg, EURICUR report 2008-4, Rotterdam.
  • Van den Berg, L. and Mingardo, G. (2008) Vervoer over water in Rotterdam – Een verkenning van voorwaarden voor een succesvolle ontwikkeling van een OV-water network, in: EBDR (2008), Snel Weg over de Maas – Personenvervoer over water in de Rotterdamse Regio, Rotterdam, 2008.

Articles in professional journals:

  • Mingardo, G. (2013) San Francisco pionier in gebruik parkeersensoren voor straat-parkeren, in Parkeer24, september 2013.
  • Mingardo, G. (2013) Voorkomen is beter dan genezen, in Parkeer24, januari 2013.
  • Mingardo, G. (2012) Wat kost (de miscommunicatie over) parkeren?, in Vexpansie, september 2012.
  • D. van der Steen en G. Mingardo (2010) Van parkeernormen per gebouw naar parkeernormen per gebied?, in Real Estate Magazine, mei 2011.
  • Mingardo G. en van Wee B., Mobiliteitsmanagement en wetenschap, in MobiliteitsManagementMagazine, september 2010.
  • Mingardo G, P+R alleen effectief bij zorgvuldige opzet, in Vexpansie, december 2009.
  • Mingardo, G., Mouter, N. en Talens, H. (2009) No parking, still business, in Verkeerskunde, Nr. 4, juni 2009.
  • Van Meerkerk, J., Mingardo, G. en Bosch, N. (2008) Parkeren heft weinig invloed op winkelomzet, Vexpansie, Vol. 2, september 2008.
  • Mingardo, G. en Warnar, R. (2008), Parkeren als schakel voor mobiliteit en leefbaarheid, Verkeer in beeld, februari 2008.

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