Maurice Jansen MSc

Senior Researcher Port - and Transport Economics

Email address
+31(0)10 408 1578
Woudestein, T-Building, Room T19-23
Mandeville Building


Maurice Jansen, MSc. is a senior researcher and business developer at Erasmus UPT. As a business expert, he specializes in Strategic Management and Environment. Maurice is a real connector and he puts the human factor and human capital at the centre of port-city development.

Maurice likes to find the ‘tensions’ in port cities. Where the port and the city rub against each other there is dynamism, conflicts arise, but there is also room for creativity.


At Erasmus UPT Maurice concentrates on issues such as:

• How can ports and port cities develop sustainably, thereby striking a balance between economic and social values.

• The development of innovative education solutions which helps professionals worldwide to excel in the dynamic problems that ports and port cities face.

Main research areas

Maurice is an expert in the following research themes:

• Port-City crossovers.

• Inclusive (social and sustainable) port development.

• Coordination mechanisms in port partnerships.

• Serious gaming in the port, shipping and logistics.

• Zero waste supply chains.

Maurice considers ports and port cities as breeding grounds for talent, innovation and entrepreneurship. From this perspective, he supports policy and initiatives that lead to a breakthrough in unruly port and port city issues.

Added value

You can always call Maurice to act as a facilitator, moderator or reporter of knowledge-intensive meetings. As a coach or sparring partner he often knows how to bring out the best in people. You can count on Maurice when you need creativity, look for structure or want to capture knowledge in a clear and concise mind map, case study, game session or other innovative way of working.


In his previous employment, he was department director of the Master Shipping and Transport program at STC, the maritime education and training institute with headquarters in Rotterdam. Before that, he was a supply chain solutions developer at UTi Worldwide, a worldwide freight forwarding and transport consultant at KPMG Consulting. He obtained his degree in Business Administration in Strategic Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1997.