Vacancies Erasmus UPT

Vacancies Erasmus UPT

Erasmus UPT is an internationally recognised center of expertise affiliated with Erasmus University that conducts leading research in the field of economics and management of ports, airports, transport, cities, and mobility. Erasmus UPT is also active in education, both academically and professionally for companies and governments. Erasmus UPT is at the center of current events, provides relevant high-quality knowledge and has a strong network for and with which it works, both nationally and internationally. Erasmus UPT sees its activities growing and is looking for reinforcements. We are looking for passionate junior and senior researchers who like to stand in between the academic environment and practice and who can help that practice to a higher level with targeted research and advice. The working area includes port economy and management, (maritime) transport and logistics, urban mobility and logistics, behavioral change, aviation, urban amenities and retail, regional economics, labor markets and tourism, where challenging issues lie in the field of energy transition, digitization, social inclusion, but for example recovery after the corona crisis.

We are specifically looking for candidates for the following positions:

  1. Junior researcher port economics, with a specific interest in the domain of ports, (maritime) transport and/or related logistics
  2. Junior researcher urban and transport economics, with a specific interest in the field of urban mobility, urban economics, logistics and/or aviation
  3. Senior researcher port economics, with a built-up network in the relevant domains, for example in the field of ports, (maritime) transport and/or related logistics
  4. Senior researcher in urban and transport economics, with a built-up network in the relevant domains, for example in the field of urban facilities, retail, labor markets, tourism and/or urban distribution.

What are we looking for?

Job profile of junior researcher (geldt zowel voor functie 1 als 2)
As a junior you are at the beginning of your career and you bring the necessary competencies to develop this career successfully. You are/have:

  • Graduated WO (minimum MSc)
  • Clear interest and affinity with research
  • Broad interest in economic social issues
  • Demonstrable research competences (at least a successfully completed thesis process)
  • Independence in work and intrinsic motivation to deliver good results
  • Experience in data analysis, information processing using relevant software
  • Good communication skills, team oriented
  • Knowledge of - and/or willingness to learn Dutch is an advantage

Job profile of senior researcher (geldt zowel voor functie 3 als 4)
As a senior you actively contribute to the further development of Erasmus UPT and you develop into a leading person within one of UPT's research domains. You have proven research experience, you are able to design a line of research yourself and generate the work for it. You have/are:

  • 3-5 years or more experience in research/consultancy
  • Team-oriented, at the same time independent in developing research domain
  • Leadership capacities (in project team or research group)
  • Proven acquisition capabilities
  • Graduated WO (minimum MSc)
  • Affinity with an academic research environment
  • Knowledge of - and/or willingness to learn Dutch is an advantage

What do we offer?

We offer an inspiring people-oriented environment, where individual excellence is stimulated, there is plenty of room for self-fulfillment and further development of the position and where an open and collaborative culture is paramount. The salary is in accordance with the weight of the position. Functions are for 1FTE where alternatives are negotiable.

Would like to apply?

  • Applications can be sent to: Nancy From ( Please indicate for which vacancy you are applying. Closing date for these vacancies is 27 June 2021.
  • For more information about these vacancies you can contact:


Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.