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The new Stargate newsletter has been published! This edition includes news on sustainable taxiing, a study on E-Mobility, the efficiency of the Digital Twin Tool, interviews regarding air mobility and sustainable innovation in Air Freight and an announcement regarding a masterclass organized by Erasmus UPT.

Sustainable Taxiing with Taxibot

Brussels Airport and TUI fly made headlines on April 3rd when they demonstrated the Taxibot in front of the press and invited participants to the Connecting Europe by Air event. Pilots from TUI fly will test this sustainable taxiing alternative over the next three months to evaluate its benefits. The Taxibot is a significant step towards a more sustainable future for air travel and serves as an example of the aviation industry's progress in pursuing eco-friendly innovations.

View a video on this here

Athens International Airport (AIA) Conducts e-Mobility Study 

Athens International Airport (AIA) recently conducted a study to improve their vehicle fleet by switching to electric and creating a charging infrastructure. Now that the study is complete, the airport will proceed with the implementation of the proposed plans. Read more.


Digital Twin Helps Brussels Airport to Reach its Sustainability Goals

The Stargate project, which utilizes IES's Digital Twin tool, allows Brussels Airport to verify and monitor its ambitious sustainability objectives of net zero carbon emissions by 2030. The project involves creating a virtual replica of the airport's physical infrastructure to carry out precise analysis and optimization. To estimate the impact of net-zero carbon projects, baseline models were established, taking into account the airport's annual electricity consumption, natural gas usage, and CO2 emissions. Additionally, the Digital Twin tool is also being developed for Toulouse, Athens and Budapest, the Stargate fellow airports. Read the Press Conference.


Transforming Airport Mobility

In this newsletter, Guillaume Raffier, a project manager and innovation consultant at Sopra Steria, is interviewed. Guillaume is passionate about sustainable program engineering and is currently leading the development of the Mobility Databox and Journey Planner for the Stargate Mobility work package. In the interview, how these innovative tools are transforming the way we approach mobility and transportation in airports is discussed. To read the interview, follow this link

Sustainable Innovation in Air Freight

Sustainable innovation in air freight has become increasingly important in recent years. Air Cargo Belgium is at the forefront of this movement, having developed innovative technologies like eCMR and RFID to modernize air freight transport. In this interview, Elise Van Bastelaere and Jurre Scheyltjens discuss their roles in developing these solutions and their benefits for the air freight industry. They also highlight some of the challenges they faced during the development process and their plans for expanding these solutions in the future. Read more here.


Dissemination and Knowledge Building

Erasmus UPT will be organizing a Masterclass on alternative fuels as part of Stargate’s dissemination and knowledge-building activities. The Masterclass will take place on December 2nd and 3rd, 2024. The primary objective of this Masterclass is to educate all Stargate partners, particularly airports and airport partners of European projects, about the implications of introducing alternative fuels. The aim is to leverage expertise from within the Stargate project and from external speakers to educate those involved in airport strategy, planning, and fuel supply. The Masterclass will cover a range of topics, including adapting infrastructure, the role of airports, business models, and airports as energy suppliers.

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