PAC Members

The PAC consists of five staff members and a group of experts from the work field. PAC members from the work field represent the different specialty areas as well as the various employment sectors including corporations, consulting firms, NGOs and government. PAC participants from the work field can be invited on regular basis or an ad hoc basis, depending on the specific topics and issues addressed at the PAC meetings.

PAC Expert Members:

  • Dewi Lammerding, Former Digital Transformation manager at Hearst Netherlands

    "Great stories aren’t a miracle. They’re a combination of hard work and optimization." - Joe Lazauskas, Contently

    Dewi Lammerding started her career creating magazines and ended up guiding media brands along their digital transformation journey. She strongly believes brands and businesses can only survive if they stay relevant (through impactful storytelling) and focus on the needs of their audience and consumers. The most valuable lesson Dewi learned is that in digital media the only constant is change.

  • Freek Staps, Editor in Chief at Dept

    "Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world." - Robert McKee

    An experienced digital executive, a content strategist, a veteran reporter at NRC Handelsblad, a former US correspondent, a Harvard Fellow and an award-winning journalist, Freek presently is a digital content strategist at Dept Agency. Headquartered in The Netherlands, Dept is a fast-growing tech and media company, with over 750 employees in nine countries. Freek provides strategic advice, helps with digital transitions and provides creativity and content for traditional media and brands.

  • Rolf Harbers, Spokesperson at RET

    “Impactful communication starts with a good story. And good stories start with getting the facts right.”

    Rolf Harbers helps to achieve organisations' business objectives in their interaction with the outside world. Rolf adds value where business, public opinion and politics come together. He is at his best at this crossroad. Rolf enjoys identifying opportunities, threats and sensitive subjects in this environment, to enable organisations to reach the right audience, with the right message, on the right moment.

  • Mia McKenzie, Coordinator Integration at International Organization for Migration (IOM)

    “When migrants move, they bring more than a backpack. Their experiences and ambitions can benefit everyone, and it’s important to allow each person to share their story.”

    Mia is a project manager and project developer at IOM the Netherlands, with a focus on migrant integration. She manages the Skills2Work project - a regional initiative that raises awareness toward the talent and skills that refugees can offer European labour markets. IOM uses different formats to share the voices and experiences of refugees, migrants, their families and their communities; such insights help us to better understand the complex phenomenon of global migration. 

  • Shelley Barendregt, Brand Relations Manager at #FITGIRLCODE

    "A good brand doesn't just tell a good story. It changes the consumer's story for the better."

    Shelley helped building health platform Fitgirlcode to a global community of over 250.000 women. As Brand Relations Manager, Shelley helps brands in the health, sports and food sector, such as Nike, Albert Heijn and Intersport tell their story to Fit Girls around the world. She finds her joy in creating the perfect match between the brand's story and the reader's desires and advising her clients how to position their product in an ever-changing market.

PAC Staff Members:

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